How To Use Pressure Spray Bottles?

How To Use Pressure Spray Bottles?

The spray bottle is among the most innovative inventions that have made it easier to distribute mists or sprays of liquid on a wider area. Besides offering convenience, spray bottles are versatile for many industries, including cleaning products, gardening, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and professional cleaners. These bottles come in different sizes and specifications to meet specific requirements. For instance, plastic trigger spray bottles are widely used to hold household chemicals and cleaning solutions.


Usage tips

Spray bottles are practical in many ways and are often refillable and reusable several times. However, be sure to choose a spray bottle made of high-quality material, like HDPE, a plastic that is safe to use with mild to strong chemicals. Additionally, look for bottles with a stable base and a tapered neck for an ergonomic grip.


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Below are more ways to use spray bottles:


  • Ensure proper labelling

    Label spray bottles appropriately so users won't mistake them for other products that could cause harm and other issues when used incorrectly. Transparent PET spray bottles allow users to verify the liquid’s clarity and colour to identify the product. They also come with a large label area to simplify identification.


  • Check what liquids and chemicals are suitable for the bottle.

    Not all spray bottles are alike, as some are made of plastics that can deteriorate fast when exposed to certain chemicals. Always verify the type of plastic or material used. PET is best for mild chemicals, and HDPE for mild to strong ones.


  • Change the sprayer as necessary.

    You don’t have to purchase new spray bottles to replace a defective or damaged spray nozzle. Some suppliers carry replacement on/off and adjustable trigger sprayers, allowing businesses to cut costs and save time. Just be sure to get the right size for the bottles you’re using.


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