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PackNet's Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page of PackNet, your premier destination for plastic packaging solutions. This section is designed to assist you by providing answers to common inquiries about our products, services, and processes. Our aim is to streamline your shopping experience, ensuring you find exactly what you need with ease and clarity.

At PackNet, we pride ourselves on being more than just a supplier; we're your packaging partner. Located in the bustling industrial hub of Industria, Johannesburg, we offer an expansive range of plastic containers, catering to a variety of sectors including industrial, cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, and household cleaning. Our assortment includes everything from petite 10ml Eye Droppers to substantial 210Lt Drums, all crafted from high-quality materials like PET, PVC, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene.

Leveraging over 65 years of combined expertise in the plastic packaging industry, we not only supply products but also provide comprehensive Turnkey Plastic Bottle Projects. This means we can guide you from the initial concept to the final product delivery, including custom mould design and manufacturing. Our professional team is dedicated to upholding the highest level of service, tailored to meet your specific packaging requirements.

Please browse through our FAQs for detailed information on our offerings, order processes, and more. If your question isn't answered here, don't hesitate to reach out to our expert team for personalised support. Let's package success together!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we buy your plastic bottles, buckets and closures?

Our products can be bought via:

Our website – www.packnet.co.za

Our warehouse showroom in Johannesburg. Orders here can be processed in person, on the phone or email submissions. Reach out to us by contacting us here.

Does PackNet do deliveries?

Yes, we can arrange to deliver orders under certain conditions to Johannesburg, Pretoria or Vaal addresses.  For other areas we can arrange for goods to be shipped to PUDO Lockers or use the Courier Guy service.  For more info please visit: Collections and Deliveries Page

Is PackNet a manufacturer of plastic bottles, plastic buckets and plastic containers?

No, we have partnered with nearly 60 different manufacturers and suppliers to bring you the largest range of generic plastic bottle, buckets, related closures and accessories under one roof.

Does PackNet have other branches around Gauteng, Pretoria, Bloemfontein or Cape Town?

Unfortunately not at the moment.  We do plan to open branches in future but for now, you can order online and we can arrange to ship all over South Africa.

Does PackNet sell glass bottles?

No, we do not sell any glass products. Only plastic items at the moment.

Does PackNet sell lotion tubes?

Not at the moment, but we do have jars and bottles with lotion pumps dispensers.

Does PackNet stock 1.5Lt & 5Lt water bottles?

We do have a 5Lt option but no 1.5Lt at the moment.  We hope to have in the near future.

Is there any discount if I buy in bulk?

Yes, we do have a quantity discount system and discounts can be offered on bulk orders. However, the definition of bulk is subjective and “bulk” for us might mean a different amount that what you believe bulk is for you. 

For example, some customers believe 10-20 units of a product would be considered bulk, but the norm in the packaging industry considers 3 000 or more units of an individual item to be the start of bulk ordering.

For PackNet, in store ordering, bulk starts at 500 or more units; on the website, bulk would be considered  3000 + units.

In order to request discounts, please contact us on 011 474 0360 and one of our friendly staff will assist to see if you qualify for better pricing.

In store Quantity Discount Breakdown:

  • 1 - 499 units: Full Price
  • 500 – 2 999 units: 5% Discount off Full Price
  • 3 000 – 9 999 units: 10% Discount off Full Price
  • 10 000+ units: Special Pricing Subject to Terms & Conditions

Is it cheaper to buy online or at your warehouse showroom?

This depends on the quantities purchased. The online prices are our 3 000 – 9 999 prices but have to include the packaging costs to allow us to ship the items. This would make the online unit prices similar to our Full Price or 500 – 2 999 prices in store but more than if you were buying 3 000+ units at the warehouse.

Does PackNet have any agents or reps that can come and see us?

Yes, but since we are based in Johannesburg, our reps can only make visits to Johannesburg, Pretoria and Vaal addresses. However, visits to other areas can be arranged under special terms and conditions.

Can we get the specifications of the bottles and lids?

Yes, specification for our products are available on special request.

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