Your Spray Bottle Makes a Huge Difference

Your Spray Bottle Makes a Huge Difference

Spray bottles are very handy for dispensing liquids because they cover a wider area and avoid spillage or waste. However, not every spray bottle shares the same features and quality. Businesses packaging their liquid goods in these bottles must take the time to consider the material, composition, and suitability for their applications.

From food preparation products to chemicals and cleaning solutions, high-quality spray bottles can make a difference in simplifying applications by misting, spraying, or squirting. That said, it’s also crucial to know the needs of users. Be sure to consider these things when selecting the right products.

Composition and material

High-quality spray bottles are made of HDPE plastic, a durable material that makes them reusable and capable of handling mild to strong chemicals. However, ensure the plastic is configured to a specific shape. A bell-shaped base keeps the bottle stable, while the long, tapered neck allows for an easy grip. Ensure the bottle has graduations to simplify dilutions and measurements.

For mild chemicals, a PET spray bottle will do. The best ones are clear and transparent to allow users to verify the liquid’s clarity and colour.

Special features 

Choose spray bottles with a narrow and classic form for a comfortable grip. Plus, ensure ample label area to simplify identification. Businesses conscious of their environmental impact should consider recyclable plastics and provide sustainable solutions to their customers.

Product turnaround 

A trigger spray bottle will dispense more product. However, this can benefit businesses when it allows customers to use the product faster. So they can finish the contents sooner and buy more. And because these bottles are reusable, some businesses can provide refilling programs to increase sustainability.

Do you have the right spray bottles?

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